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September 21, 2010
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Osprey Hound Breeds part 1 by platypus12 Osprey Hound Breeds part 1 by platypus12
For the #Age-of-Avians Project.

For many a millennia the descendants of the Grey Wolf through the help of genetic mutations began to form and diversify into several breeds which took many new shapes, size and colorations. While most breeds were bred mainly to aid humans in hunting, others were bred for new tasks such as herding, retrieving and guarding. While some breeds such as huskies or shepherds retain the appearance of their distant and no longer tamed ancestors, many breeds have been given characteristics that make them almost completely unrecognizable from them.

Osprey Hounds have followed that path as well. Here we have a list of some of the many breeds of domestic osprey hounds.

1. Orange Retriever
Named for its orange plumage, the Orange Retriever has been bred to sniff out an animal that the owner has killed and to bring to animal to its owner. Orange Retrievers are very loyal and friendly even with Corvlings. They also come in various shades of orange. This breed originated in what use to be Italy.

2. Brown Dragger
One of the largest breeds of domestic osprey hound, the Brown Dragger have been bred for their immense strength which allows them to carry things such as previsions or pull carts. While most Corvin countries use vehicles to transport items, Brown Draggers are relied on for such a task in amish countries or economically lower countries. This bulky breed's strength is also useful for taking down big game, but overall they are very docile and are considered as the gentle giant of the osprey hound world. Not only is the Brown Dragger one of the largest breeds, it is also one of the oldest as its origins date back to the Neolithic Age (Late Stone Age) in what use to be the Scandinavian Peninsula. There have been discoveries of fossilized remains of Osprey Hounds of larger stature and even cave paintings have depicted hunting scenes in which tamed Osprey Hounds are accompanied by larger versions of their kind which have also been shown in paintings depicting them walking back to the village with dead animals tied to their backs.

3. Grey Skeedlester
The Skeedlester is best known for its elongated and spindly body structure, its long legs which make them adept sprinters, its elongated beak which useful for probing burrows, its elongated neck which to reach further in burrows and its high intelligence. They are mainly bred for spotting prey (thanks to their sharp eyesight which allows them to see prey 6 miles away), chasing after prey, reaching into burrows with its beak and neck, and even racing. This breed originated in what use to be known as Ethiopia and dates back to the mid Iron Age.

4. Black-Headed Peghallie
This breed originated in what use to be Alaska and were bred for their penguin-like coloration which makes them easier for their owners to see them in the snow. They are very efficient at hunting in tundras thanks to their equal reliance on sight and smell. They are very loyal and not only are they good as Hunting Ospreys, they're also very good Guard Ospreys, Search and Rescue Ospreys and Police Ospreys.

5. Ring-Necked Backwi
Originating in what use to be Norway, the Ring-Necked Backwi was bred for its sharp eyesight and its unique sense of hearing. These senses make them excellent Service Osprey for deaf or visually challenged Corvins. They are trained to recognize certain areas and which turns to make to get there.

6. Blue Shepherd
Named for its Grayish Blue plumage, the Blue Shepherd was bred for herding livestock and guarding households. This breed originated in what use to be known as northern Russia and date back to the early Bronze Age. They are very friendly with Corvins they are familiar with, but it takes time for them to trust Corvins they haven't met before.

7. Calhal
This breed which originated in what use to be Oregon was originally bred to herd livestock but is now more commonly used as Guard Osprey and Police Osprey (Osprey who aid police forces by attacking criminals and searching for illegal items). Calhals are usually friendly and loyal to Corvins they are familiar with.

8. Yellow-Striped Backwi
A descendant of the Ring-Necked Backwi, the Yellow-Striped Backwi was bred as a hunting Osprey Hound rather than a Service Osprey Hound. Its sharp eyesight and excellent sense of hearing which was inherited by its ancestor the Ring-Necked Backwi has made the Yellow-Striped Backwi a very useful Hunting Osprey Hound.

9. Millkani
Originating from what use to be England the neotenic Millkani is a very small breed of Osprey Hound that has been bred to search the burrows of small animals and flush them out.Millkanies also make good companions. It not only best known for its small stature, but also its typical hostility towards Osprey Hounds that it is unfamiliar with.

More Osprey Hound Breeds coming soon…

Osprey Hound species © ~Cephlaken
Breeds of Osprey Hounds © ~Cephlaken and ~platypus12 (Me)
Art © Me and #Age-of-Avians
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you said Osprey hounds were bred by humans?
No, they were bred by the Corvins.
oh I see

there was a typo in the description
Oh… ^^; Hmm… Does the Skeedlester kinda remind you of the greyhound?
I don't know. I'm not a fan of dogs.

though I really like 2 and 3.

2 is huge bird (although probably not as big as a person), and 3 just looks cool to me :3
Very creative and imagitive. Creating new breeds of Osprey.
I'd make different breeds out of any domestic species. :D
That sounds neat.
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